When you FORGO, you give to one of the below projects. Check Back Often for More Projects

Clean Water

It is such a basic necessity, yet an estimated 2.4 billion people lack adequate sanitation and 1.1 billion people are without access to safe water. (WHO-UNICEF, 2004) We’re committed to helping all get access to safe drinking water nearby where they live.

Freedom From Sex Trade

Human Trafficking is a world-wide epidemic and we at FORGO are partnering with resources on the front-lines to focus on prevention, rescue, and education.

Orphan Care

There are an estimated 140 million orphans around the world. Many of them simply cannot be cared for where they live. We seek to help care of the orphan by providing them with food, water, shelter and education so they can break of the cycle of poverty.

Food For the Hungry

Globally, 1 in 7 people will go to bed hungry tonight. In developing con tries, 1 in 4 children will not have enough to eat. Organizations like World Vision are able to provide meals for $.33, FORGOING a lunch might feed a family or four for a week!